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Now that you've installed BitPay for BookingCore, the next step is to configure it and begin accepting crypto payments for your bookings.

Quick Setup

If you're a visual learner, watch the following video to learn how to quickly get started with BitPay for BookingCore, or keep reading to learn more about the available settings:

Payment Settings

Navigate to Settings > Payment Settings in your admin panel, then scroll to BitPay under the Payment Gateways section:

Payment Settings Page

  • Enable BitPay?: Enable the BitPay payment gateway by checking this checkbox.

  • Custom Name (translatable): You may set a custom name/label for the BitPay payment gateway.

  • Custom Logo: You may set a custom logo for the BitPay payment gateway.

  • Custom HTML Description (translatable): You may set a custom description for the BitPay payment gateway.

BitPay Settings

Navigate to Settings > BitPay Settings in your admin panel:

BitPay Settings Page

  • Enable Test Environment?: Enable BitPay's Test Environment ( by checking this checkbox, or leave it unchecked to use BitPay's Production Environment (

    Remember to click Save settings for this to take effect.

  • Merchant Token: The BitPay API Token for the merchant facade. Explained here

Merchant Token

BitPay Settings Tab - Merchant Token

  1. Generate a new Merchant Token by clicking the Generate merchant token button: Generate API Token Button

  2. After successful generation, approve your Merchant Token by clicking the link provided. The link will take you to your BitPay merchant dashboard to confirm approval.

  3. After approving, you may dismiss the approval message/link by clicking I've approved my merchant token. You are now ready to start accepting crypto payments with BitPay for BookingCore!

Note that the token approval link will expire 24 hours after the time of generation.

Learn more about BitPay API Tokens here